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What’s DU bushing?

What’s DU bushing?

DU Bushing was invented by Glacier Garlock Bearing company and  after that, Glacier Garlock Bearing company register DU™ as its’ trademark.

DU Bushing






DU bush has common material structure with steel back,sintered bronze and PTFE. As DU bearing had very good performance under dry condition and have a lot of advantages compared with roller bearing or traditional sintered bronze bushing.Since DU bushing invented, it was widely used in all kinds of industries. Then it becomes more and more popular.  Now when people take about DU bushing, it standard for teflon coated composite bearing. In some coutries, poeple also called it as KU bushing, teflon bushing, dry slide bearing.

Our company, PVB Bearing is the professional DU bearing manufacturer and exporter. We export 600000000pcs DU bushing to all over the world yearly,if any inquiry, please contact us freely!

Gun metal Bush

 Gun Metal Bushing

Gun Metal Bush is a standard item of our company.We manufacture wide range of Gun Metal Bushes. from premium quality alloy constituents, this range has been availed to the customers at the most comprehensive prices. Available in various shapes and dimensions based on your requirement.

Gunmetal Bushing






Material of Gun metal

  • Copper : 85%
  • Zinc : 5%
  • Tin : 5%
  • Lead : 5%

Applications of gun metal bushing:

  • Diesel engines
  • Centrifugal pumps
  • hydraulic press machine
  • Other industries


Gun metal bush with oil grooves

Gun metal bush with graphited plugged

Cylinder gun metal bushes

Flanged gun metal bushing

Gunmetal Thrust washers

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Cast bronze bearing

Cast bronze bearing is machined from copper alloy for superior quality and performance. The centrifugal casting process assures a uniform bronze structure throughout the bearing, free from porosity and hard particle inclusions commonly found in other cast processes.

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