Guided Ejector Bushing

Guided Ejector Bushings are made of steel or bronze with solid lubrication graphite or wihtout solid lubrication graphite.

 Guided Ejector Pin and Bushing

Guided Ejector Bushings







Function: The function of the Guided Ejector System (Pin and Bushing) is to take the pressure off the Return Pins, Ejector Pins and the Sprue Puller Pins.  If the mold is set to run with the Ejector system actuation in the horizontal  position (typical), the ejector sub assembly is cantilevered, and thus will put stress on the return, sprue and  ejector pins.  The Guided Ejector System will reduce if not eliminate these stresses.

The Guide bushing is located between the Ejector and Ejector Retainer Plates, and the Guide Pin is placed either in either: 1. The bottom of the Ejector Housing, or 2. In the Support Plate.  In either case the Pin resides in the open space of the ejector housing

 Guided Ejector Bushings come in a variety of industry standard sizes. If a standard size won’t work for your application,please kindly let us know, we can make the bushing as customized.

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