LuBo #500 Self-lubricating Bearings

LUBO is professional maker of #500 self lubricating bearing.They have very good market share for self lubricating bearing

Lubo Graphite Plugged Bearing





Detailed Description:

  • LuBo #500 Series Self-lubricating Bearings can be utilized where heavy loads must be supported at low to medium speeds.
  • Bearings have high mechanical strength with excellent wear resistance and self-lubrication properties exhibiting stable performance and durability under severe operting conditions.
  • No form of supplementary lubrication is required. A film of solid lubricant is transferred to the shaft as it starts to run.
  • In operation, both surfaces burnish quickly and result in a highly polished bearing surface capable of withstanding extreme pressure

LuBo #500 Series Materials

  • Normally, copper alloy is used as the base material for LuBo #500 series bearings by centrifugal or sand casting. Other materials such as cast iron, stainless steel and even tool steels could be used according to the applications involving extreme temperatures, environments corrosive to bronze, and loads exceeding the compressive strength of bronze.

Bearing Materials

Code #500SP #500B #500F #500S #500AL #500SPX #500HCA
Base Metal Copper Alloy (High Strength) Bronze (Red Brass) Cast Iron Stainless Steel Aluminum Bronze Special Alloy Special Alloy
Application General Use High Load Under Water General Use Medium Speed High Temp. +400°C (+725°F) Chemical Resistance High Temp +600°C (1,100°F) Sea water Higher Loads than #500SP Higher Loads than #500SPX

NOTE : When used for high strength bearings, alloys LuBo #500SP, #500SPX and #500HCA equire hardened shafts.

Characteristics for Proper Material SelectionSelection of the proper bearing material is essential to obtaining both long bearing life and maintenance free operation. Please consult the following charts of operating conditions, mechanical and physical properties, and chemical resistance when selecting the bearing material for your specific application. Please consult LuBo’s application engineers for other available metals.(For extreme high load and harsh environment.)

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