oilless guide bushing

Oilless guide bushing are a type of graphite plugged bronze bushing. As it’s used together with guide pin for mould tool making. Poeple called it as oilless guide bushes or oilless guide elements.


Oilless Guide Bushing







Oilless Guide Bushing with embedded solid lubricants are used in applications of linear or rotary motion in tool making, general machine construction and similar engineering application. The structure of the base material provides closely spaced deposits of solid lubricant. The oiless guide elements satisfy highest demands in terms of load bearing capacity at low sliding speeds, within an extensive temperature band. The lubricant deposits are arranged in staggered geometrical patterns, thus ensuring optimal lubrication effect along the sliding motion, especially with counter bearings which are hardened and ground. The sliding surfaces should be lightly greased with lithium grease emulsion, prior to commissioning. On flat guide ways and pillar guides, from 25 to 30 per cent of the sliding surfaces consist of lubricant deposits. Surfaces of counter bearings must have a ground finish, preferably with a lay parallel with the sliding motion.

 Advantages of Oilless Guide Bushes and Guide Elements

– good emergency sliding properties

– highest carrying capacity at low speed

– use under water or with chemical solutions

– extremely wide temperature resistance – hot and cold

– damping properties

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