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JDB-10 Graphite Plugged High Tensile Brass Bearing

JDB-10 graphite plugged brass bushing is a type of solid metal bearing. This type of self-lubricating bearing is also called #500 oilless bearing,brass bearing,cooper bushing,solid sliding bearing,guide bushing and graphite filled bearing.

Material Structure

Material: Standard material: CuZn25A16Fe3Mn3 + Graphite.


● Have Incomparable performance under a high load, low speed operation. Also perform well without lubrication.

● Excellent wear resistance in such places where an oil film is difficult to be formed due to reciprocating, oscillating motions and frequently intermittent operations.

● Remarkable resistance to corrosion and resistance to chemical attack.

● Maintenance free and save operating cost.


● Cylindrical oiles bushing, flanged oilless bush, thrust washer and slide plate are standard fabrication.

● Special designed solid metal bearing and material can be made according to your design.

● Other material can be made based on your requirement.


JDB-10 solid brass bearing is widely used in successive casting machine, mineral mountain machinery, shipping, steam turbine etc.

Technical Data
Max. dynamic load100N/mm2
Max. Temperature300
Base HardnessHB210-270
Friction coefficient<0.16
Highest sliding speeddry 0.4m/s; oil 5m/s

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