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JDB-20 Graphite Inlaid Oiless Gunmetal Bearing

JDB-20 Solid bronze bearing is a standard item of our company. This type self-lubricating bearing is also called solid metal bearing,graphite plugged bearing,solid lubricating bearing,guide bushes,cast bronze bushing, #500 oilless bearing,oiles flange bearing and solid sliding bearing.

Material Structure

Material: CuSn6Zn6Pb3 + graphite or MOS2.


● Special suitable for low loads and middle velocity operations, also perform well at high temperature;

● Excellent resistance to chemical attack and corrosion;

● Maintenance free.



● Cylindrical oiles bushing, flanged oiless bearing, thrust washer and oiles slide plate are standard fabrication;

● Special designs and material can be made according to your design;

● Special material such as CuZn5Sn5Pb5, CuSn10Pb10 or CuSn12 can be made based on your requirement.


JDB-20 solid bronze bearing is widely used in fire place door, convey way of the baking furnace, rubber machinery, light industrial machinery, machine tool industry and etc.

Technical Data
Max. dynamic load60N/mm2
Max. Temperature350
Base HardnessHB80-100
Friction coefficient<0.15
Highest sliding speed2m/s

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