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JDB-30 Graphite Plugged Oiles Aluminium Bronze Bearing

JDB-30 Aluminium bronze bush is a type of oilless bearing.It's also called guide bush,cast bearing ,plain sliding bearing,solid bronze bearing,graphite inlaid bearing,solid sliding bearing,oiles 500 and self lubricating bearing.

Material Structure

Aluminum bronze + solid lurbicants


Cost effective and higher crash strength comparing with JDB-20 type.

Its ends can even be welded with machine part and assemble together.


Cylindrical bushing, flanged bushing, thrust washer and slide plate are standard fabrication.

Special designs and material can be made according to your design.


JDB-30 Aluminium bronze bush is widely used in metallurgy machine, construction machine, ail transportation machinery and other condition where oil is hard to add.

Technical Data
Max. dynamic load70N/mm2
Max. Temperature300
Base HardnessHB60-90
Friction coefficient<0.15
Highest sliding speed2m/s

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