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PTFE Lined Bushing

PTFE lined self-lubricating bearing also called DU bushing, dry bushing, DU bearing,teflon bushing,PTFE coated bearing,SF-1 oilless bearing,PTFE liner metal polymer composite bearing and PTFE based plain bearing. This type of DU bush takes PTFE layer as sliding layer which makes products can perform very well under dry condition or oil condition.

Material Structure

These materiais consist of metal backing bonded to a porous bronze sintered layer with PTFE based polymer bearing layer.The metal backing provides mechanical strength, while the bronze sinter layer provides a strong mechanical bonding between the backing and the bearing lining,the PTFE based polymer offers exceptional low friction even under dry condition.

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Bearing Design

Depending upon application requirements, PVB01 Series self lubricating bearing can be produced in many shapes and sizes from inner diameters 6mm to more than 300mm. The type of loading applied to the bearing will determine which bearing shape is required.

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Standard sized parts for a wide range of bearing products with basic dimensions (inner diameter, outer diameter, length, etc.) according to international standards are available. Special bearings with additional functionality can be produced to customer specifications and requirements


Improved energy efficiency with the low friction performance of PTFE-enriched overlay;
Extended service life with a high wear-resistant bronze layer;
Zero maintenance as self-lubricating bearings can operate dry without grease;
Greater reliability than bimetallic bearings by avoiding potential shaft/bearing seizure under boundary lubricated conditions and frequent stop/start operation;
Compact, lightweight designs with thin-wall bearing construction;
Reduced noise with no metal-to-metal contact between the bearing and the shaft;
Quick, simple assembly without expensive mounting tools.

PTFE Lined Bushing
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